Aroma Freedom Technique

Calling all high achievers! If you are someone who thrives on personal growth and loves learning empowerment tools to take you, your family, your team, your health or relationships to the next level then join me in a private Aroma Freedom Technique session. Here you will come to recognize and lovingly release conscious and subconscious beliefs and patterns that may have been holding you back.

Whether your goal is to increase your income, develop more meaningful relationships, feel more joy or connection to your higher self this technique will elevate you as you reinforce your desires with the powerful effects of aromatherapy and intuitive guidance.

Investment: $111

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Aroma Freedom Technique Testimonials

“I meet Gina after getting divorced. I had a rough time letting go. I was stuck in every sense of the word. My world was full of negative thoughts and feeling anger at my self. These feelings went on for months. I meet with Gina as soon as I meet her you can feel this positive energy all around her. Gina welcomed me explained the process of letting go of these negative thoughts and feelings. She makes you really look at yourself and find out why are you having these feelings and why I couldn’t let go. Gina changed my life . She taught me to cancel negative thoughts and use oils to release my negative thoughts. Replace the thoughts with positive messages to myself. To ask the Universe what I want to call in. Well it took a little practice and with Gina’s Guidance. I am letting go. I can move on. Gina is an angel here on earth. I came away from meeting Gina with life skills. Not something you can read in a book. This is an experience no one should miss. I will be forever grateful to Gina.”
— Annmarie

“I attended an Aroma Freedom Technique class ((Highly Recommended—Gina is Amazing!!!)) with Gina Califano. I identified the interference of achieving my goals was the nicotine addiction. The class allowed my emotional energy to move into a positive direction and two days later I started using the patches that were sitting in my draw for a month. Today is exactly 30 days that I have not smoked the vapor. And 10 days that I have not used the patch.”
— April

“I am grateful for having met Gina nearly two years ago during a time when I was hurting from a painful breakup while also feeling ambivalence over remaining in a job that was no longer fulfilling. Gina’s intuition, open heart, and desire to help others discover their true potential is one of a kind. In just a couple hours of us meeting, she helped guide me on a path to healing and personal growth through her coaching skills and the introduction to essential oils. Most recently, I experienced the Aroma Freedom Technique guided by Gina to take my professional growth to a whole new level. This technique utilizes the power of breathing in essential oils and took me on a journey into my memories, feelings, thought patterns, past experiences, and limiting beliefs. Gina provided me the space to break away from the things that were holding me back and shift my mindset into a place of clarity, positivity, and action. By our session’s completion I was BELIEVING — I CAN DO THIS — and walked away with clear goals that are helping to propel me forward. Gina is truly one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I am so thankful to have received her support and mentorship during this transformative time in my life.” 💜🙏
— Kristen

“I just want to thank you for the other night. I try not to talk about my personal life but honestly I was on the brink of divorce, not because of anything more than me not being willing to express myself and just wanting to give up. I felt I would be better alone trying to raise my daughter which of course is foolish. I know it was me wanting to be there but between the oils, affirmations and yoga I was truly able to ground myself and realize what I needed to do. I went home that night and talked and talked and talked and then, of course, listened. We made a true commitment to work on us and I am more in love with him today than I think I ever have been. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. Thank you is just not enough.”

— G.C.