REV on the Beach

Restore | Elevate | Vibrate

My mission is to help elevate the frequency of our planet by helping you to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose, create prosperity paradigms, train your brain to feeling worthy, allow an abundance of light in, revitalize your nervous system, feel good in your body, and ignite freedom and truth for all.

REV on the Beach is for those seeking physical, spiritual, emotional or mental healing and expansion.

This three part course is all about raising your frequency and releasing outdated paradigms (subconscious beliefs) to create clarity and momentum. Each time we expand our understanding of ourselves and our world, we ascend and contribute to the good of the earth. Living more authentically and sharing our unique gifts and talents allows us to be part of the change we wish to see…allowing freedom and prosperity to manifest with ease. Each class will end in a sunset meditation.

This three part course will meet on 3 Tuesdays in a month. When enrolling, please select the month that works best for you, or feel free to join our spiritual community for all three sessions this summer.

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Week 1: Identify
What areas of your life do you want to heal, grow or expand? Learn about the emotional, spiritual and mental causes of physical sickness and blockages that are preventing you from living with purpose and connecting to your inner guidance system. Learn strategies to create healing and the birth of creative projects that are part of your life’s mission.

Week 2: Clear
With new clarity, we will up-level beliefs and empower ourselves to continually upgrade our thoughts and raise our frequencies. We will train our brains to feeling worthy. We will surrender, knowing that we are always divinely guided and supported to share our unique talents and gifts with the world.

Week 3: Evolve
Move into being who you were designed to be…joyful and free! Creating momentum to take those first steps requires courage and the encouragement of a supportive community. Begin to live in prosperity… prosperous in all ways: relationships, work, finances, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Thrive in the present moment, aligning your daily activities with your soul’s purpose.

2 ADDED BONUSES: Get your own personalized Power Affirmations and a 15 minute consultation with Gina.


REV on the Beach
Tuesday, July 9th
Tuesday, July 23rd
Tuesday, July 30th


REV on the Beach
Tuesday, Aug 6th
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