Intuitive Private Sessions

As an intuitive guide Gina facilitates communication with your higher self and guides to help you live in sovereign states joy, health, and abundance. With access to direct guidance from deep within you may choose to clear beliefs, patterns and outdated imprints. You will receive divine life affirming downloads of the purest love and light . This is all about remembering who you really are and what you chose to come here to experience.

A variety of modalities are utilized including ThetaHealing, Aroma Freedom Technique and Reiki depending on your needs and spirit’s direction.

Investment: $222 (2–hour session)
or $444 for 3 ( 2–hour sessions)

Please email Gina to arrange a session.

What is ThetaHealing?

The ThetaHealing technique is best described as a way to work with Creator to clear what needs to be cleared, find answers you seek and download positive beliefs to create healthy, happy bodies and minds.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is sacred healing modality that works with your energy to promote positive feelings, physical health and spiritual connection.

What is Aroma Freedom Technique?

It is a specific sequence using pure essential oils to lovingly release conscious and subconscious beliefs. Those get replaced with higher conscienceless affirmations.

Client Testimonial for Intuitive Private Sessions

“Gina Califano is a mentor in life, love, career path and all the good things that the Universe has to offer. If you’re ever feeling lost or confused or honestly just need a boost of energy and need the smoke cleared away, she’s your woman. In the past few weeks she’s helped me believe in the magic of ‘Heaven on Earth’… thank you Gina, every time I see a sunset I’ll think of you! Reach out to her if you need help.”
— Cami